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After two years of hanging out, planning, playing, recording, free improvising, and re-interpreting selected standards, Jim Hall and Bill Frisell have completed this enriching, beautifully packaged double CD, suitably titled, Hemispheres.

In Disc 1, the in-and-out radio signal fades of Bill Frisell establish the tonal atmosphere of "Migration" — a 15-minute free improv in which Jim Hall's bluesy, hard-plucked conversation then changes into the free-ringing raga tones of Frisell. Contrastingly, the island-flavored "Bimini" lands us in a slightly different party place that's now filled with Frisell's wobbly sound waves and the scrubbed chords and single string runs of Hall.

In Disc 2 — with the addition of bassist Scott Colley and drummer Joey Baron — the guitarists' colourist and impressionistic sensibilities ("Chelsea Bridge" and "In A Sentimental Mood"); their deep love for country swing and the blues ("Sonnymoon for Two" and "Beijing Blues"); and their experimental ("Hear and Now") and essential melodicism ("I'll Remember April") make up a simple list of what these musicians have to offer.

Because everybody enjoys playing with each other, their music is relaxed, focused, and evocative.

Disc 1 was recorded on 8-track analogue tape; it's a warm sound combined with an atmospheric hiss that's part of recording on tape machines. In Disc 2, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Joey Baron recorded digitally with Hall and Frisell; everybody's in tune with everybody.

Hemispheres is another artistShare recording where fans are involved in the financing, design, and production of an artist's recording.

For more information about ArtistShare and its interactive musican/fan projects, visit www.artistshare.net.

by David Fujino January 2009

Disc 1
Throughout (Frisell)
All Across the City (Hall)
Bags Groove (Milt Jackson)
Migration (Hall/Frisell)
Family (Frisell)
Waiting to Dance (Hall)
Bimini (Hall)
Masters of War (Bob Dylan)
Beijing Blues (Hall/Frisell)
Monica Jane (Frisell)
Jim Hall — guitar
Bill Frisell — guitar
Recorded Brooklyn, NY, July to December, 2007
Disc 2
I'll Remember April (De Paul)
Barbaro (Hall/Frisell/Colley/Baron)
Chelsea Bridge (Strayhorn)
Owed to Freddie (Hall)
Beija Flor (Cavaquinho)
Hear and Now (Hall)
My Funny Valentine (Rodgers and Hart)
Card tricks (Hall/Frisell/Colley/Baron)
In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington)
Sonnymoon for Two (Rollins)
Jim Hall — guitar
Bill Frisell — guitar
Scott Colley — bass
Joey Baron — drums
Recorded New York, September 9, 2008
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David Fujino
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