Little Man
On the Boat
Jean Martin and Colin Fisher | Little Man On the Boat

Barnyard Records BR0304 • www.barnyardrecords.com

Little Man On the Boat is another strong offering from Barnyard Records, Jean Martin's label.

Throughout eight recorded tracks, drummer/producer Jean Martin and Colin Fisher play a music that's inventive, open, subtle, strongly orchestral in intent, resonant with tone colours, and animated by a deep and malleable sense of groove.

These are two fine player/composers, and their look into the relationship between space and rhythm produces diverse compositions like "Olive", with its sing-a-long falsetto voices; the evenly stressed trumpet tones of Martin in "A Long Way From Beacon Hill"; the assertive 'jazz orchestra' punctuations in "Hempville"; and, "Allo Caveman", a serio-comic piece built on 'spaced out' rock guitar chords, an energetic post-Ayler tenor saxophone, and a reoccurring xylophone.

Free jazz, creative music, improvised music, whatever you'd like to call this recording, is okay.

The music speaks for itself out of a strong jazz sensibility with (internalized) dialects of rock, ambient, pop, electronic, and new music, as part of its overall clear-headed, creative expression.

by David Fujino October 2008

The tracks
A Long Way From Beacon Hill
Allo Caveman
Cat Song
Folk Song
Little Man On the Boat
The musicians
Colin Fisher — tenor saxophone, guitars, banjo, voice
Jean Martin — drums, keyboards, trumpet, loops, bass
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David Fujino
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