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Wrapped up in the beautiful LOAF package (that features a vinyl sleeve with a cardboard backing that has a pocket for the CD to be placed or ripped apart) comes the latest release from multi-instrumentalist Motohiro Nakashima. From a man who releases a lot of materials (even if many of his releases were on hard to find CD-Rs), this guy has saved the best for an authentic work of art release. Employing mostly his guitar along with some electronic treatments, the record has a soft, healing heart at its core. Tones are delicate, and the melodies can best be described as minimal, while retaining this undeniable lush sensibility. On “Night Bugs Sing Silently”, he even employs some fine harmonica treatments that give the piece a reflective mode.

The majority of the pieces move quite slowly, to the point where the message I get from the music is, slow down traveler — there’s no need to rush things in your hectic life. If this is chill-out music, then I’m signing up for active duty. If these beats are meant to massage my brain, then I’ve just surrendered to the force of the music. Beats contained within the package are mellow but never lazy. Music is stringently thought out, though it feels loose. It’s electronic but it feels acoustic and home made.

“Looking for My Constellation” features a hazy violin sequence that adds to the music a more subdued flavour, while on “Lost Lagoon” Nakashima stalls the beats and arranges the sequencing in such a way that it sounds like he’s looking for his own true road. Weirdest piece is the 11 minute long “Starbright Reflected in the River of Canada”. Where else would you find a pleasant trombone motif, a chilling bass line, all surrounded by glitches and snaps of electronics mass? If this music is intent on taking me to another Nakashima’s self-contained world, than it has done its job well. Highly pleasing release, one that tends to grow on you with time.

Tom Sekowski – April 2007

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Tom Sekowski
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