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Guitarist Bill Horvitz records with such infrequency; it’s quite easy to forget that he was once considered a mainstay of New York’s no-wave scene. All was fine until he moved to the west coast and disappeared off the radar screens. Last album I remember hearing from Horvitz was Dust Devil [released by the west coast Music & Arts label] and that must’ve been about a decade ago. Aptly titled The Disappearance this new release sees Horvitz return in fine form. Backed by the same trio — Steve Adams on saxophones and flutes and Joseph Sabella on drums — Horvitz puts heavy emphasis on the uniqueness of his playing and compositional style.

All pieces with the exception of two [which were composed by Steve Adams] were penned by Horvitz. The music is jagged, without retaining a particular sharp teeth mentality. Though Horvitz likes to play it somewhat rough [especially on the electric guitar], there are still tender moments to be found. “Heart Rumours” features a lyrical side, where Horvitz and Adams go head-to-head on their respective instruments. In fact, both musicians play such nicely flowing, complementary motifs one could easily say they’re on the same musical plane. Further on, some quirky, almost goofy moments come about in “Trapeze Girl”, where Adams’ soprano shines in the spotlight with high-strung motifs, while Horvitz spurts out brief guitar blasts. Sabella is especially adept and follows his own specific groove, once matching rhythmic patters the leader lays out, while at other times treading his own path.

I am particularly awe struck at the more reflective side that Horvitz displays on this record. “Hand of Man”, which features Adams on some rather striking flute work, works marvellously well in establishing the band’s core competency. During the piece, Sabella develops soft brush strokes that allow Horvitz’s acoustic guitar work to come through in a crystal clear manner. An exceptional record, one that is going on my favourites shelf right away.

Tom Sekowski – November 2007

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Tom Sekowski
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