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Mother Press Media12 Tracks 55 Min.

T.O.F.U Turn On.
by Stanley Fefferman
photo by Roger Humbert
Sept. 2005

Tons of Fun University (T.O.F.U) is C.R. Avery,
Mike McGhee and Shane Koycazn, who write the words they perform. C.R. Avery writes and performs the music on piano, keys, harmonica, and beatbox.

are they good? do I like them?

i say

Shane Koycazn, Mike McGhee and C.R. Avery
their voices launch words past speech into the orbit of song
their song articulates sense on the journey back from song

i trust their sadness
i’m cheered by their zest
i appreciate their intelligence
i delight in their virtuosity

their complexity appeals to me
their simplicity soothes me
their variety uplifts me
their anger invigorates me
their gentleness makes me smile

their music, well, I dig it
their poetry carries me away
their sensitivity breaks my heart
their imagination restores me
their wordcraft fosters confidence
their honesty grounds me

i think of making a list of their best bits
i think of making clips of their musical riffs

they a Muse me

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Stanley Fefferman
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for The Live Music Report

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