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Telarc CD-80667

Love to the Power of Religion
by Stanley Fefferman December 2005
Imagine a full string orchestra ornamented with Spanish guitars backing three impossibly marvelous soaring Irish tenor voices singing in English and various romantic languages songs of love that won’t quit. What else do you need?

The music and most of the arrangements are lush hymns to extreme romantic attachment, in the near operatic style of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Les Mis, and Phantom, with a quixotic tinge of dream the impossible dream climb the highest mountain sort of thing. Love is the big risk, and these are the songs that make it succeed.

“Ten Thousand Tears” puts words to the melody of the “Humming Chorus” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.The lyric makes it seem as if Pinkerton came secretly to Butterfly to heal her agony over his betrayal by begging her forgiveness. “I never meant to hurt you”. He tells her. “You raised me up so I can stand on mountains.” The Celtic Tenor album raises romantic love to a religious level.

The album is carefully thought out to keep to this theme but to offer a variety of widely popular flavours. “All out of Love” is an Elton John-like number — "I wish I could carry your smile in my heart". The Tenors vary their offerings coming on at times solo, duo, and trio, in exquisite harmonies with each other and with various guests.

There’s more piano in the tune with Deirdre Shannon and a chorus of female angels crooning “Angel of Mercy my Love”. More ‘love as a religion dimension’. This is followed by the inevitable “Danny Boy” for the home crowd, but gorgeously done. Then there’s “Still by Your Side”, a Carol King type tune where the lovers are in heaven together.

In the title tune “Remember”, the tenors sing to the sound of a sad guitar how the power of longing, empowers memory to the level of hallucination: “With mind adrift to where you are/I’m holding you as I used to do.” Love conquers all and the Celtic Tenors will make you believe it.

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