Erwin Vann | Let's Call Ed

HornPlayer001 Recorded in Belgium, July 2005

"Straight out singing, and electronic warps, wobbles and manipulations ..."
David Fujino Aug. 2005

Let's Call Ed, the new CD from the Erwin Vann led group, is a sleek blend of improvised jazz and techno electronics.

In the tune, "In The Air", Erwin Vann's tenor flutters over the melody in the Wayne Shorter manner, whereas "Hunny I'm Home" is all electronic, with huge pan drums sounding in a vast and watery ocean; but it's in the tune, "Seven Bombs", that Vann delivers his hardest and yet most measured blowing in the entire CD.

Vann and the proficient trio of Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes & electronics, Michel Hatzigeorgiou on Fender bass & electronics, and Dré Pallemaerts on drums, also show their penchant for trance states ("You Remind Me of Frank"); the tinkling bell overtones of world music ("He Knew Before Sally"); and the electronic colour of Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew".

But so-called influences aside, these are imaginative messengers from Belgium, and their mission appears to be the seeking of inner peace and beauty through music.

Now, that's creative input. I recommend you buy and enjoy Let's Call Ed from Vann-Dumoulin-Hatzigeorgiou-Pallemaerts.

It's good creative stuff. From the world of porous borders.

Erwin Vann — tenor saxophone & electronics
Jozef Dumoulin — Fender Rhodes & electronics
Michel Hatzigeorgiou — Fender bass & electronics
Dré Pallemaerts — drums
You can hear samples of Erwin's music at www.erwinvann.com and at www.jammincolors.com
Direct your inquiries to stefany.calembert@skynet.be
CD cost is 17 € + postage & packing
We welcome your comments and feedback
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David Fujino
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