Mike Murley and David Occhipinti | Duologue Volume 2

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a report by David Fujino Oct. 2005

This sweet pairing of two fine improvising musicians is captured well in this brand new Mike Murley-David Occhipinti CD, Duologue Volume 2.

With such varied tunes like Occhipinti's "Heart and Mind" dedicated to Joni Mitchell, the traditional Irish melody, "Johnny Has Gone for Soldier", and that classic ballad in modern jazz, Gordon Jenkins' "Goodbye", this recording is distinguished by an overall rich sound and feelings of deep lyricism and bursting song.

Guitarist Occhipinti's fondness for bright open tunings and airy compositions and arrangements makes the music open. Mike Murley likes to dig right in. Murley's counterlines, particularly his soloing on tenor, reveal a lyrical Stan Getz side to his personality, but what is even more satisfying, we hear him playing from deeply personal roots — which is good news for the listener.

This is a jazz CD, make no mistake about it — but if its 'sound' can be described as anything, let's go with Giddins and call it 'pastoral' jazz (think of Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden), a jazz that emphasizes composition and atmosphere as much as hard soloing.

I know: the classic interactions of Paul Desmond and Jim Hall spring to mind, but why make comparisons? except to say that listening to the Murley/Occhipinti 'duologues' is equally a creative listening experience — an experience to put your ears around. Simply. Listen.

Mike Murley — tenor and soprano saxophones
David Occhipinti — electric and acoustic guitars

Recorded in Toronto, Canada, 2005

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