The Best of Polish Jazz 2005
All over the world, jazz is played at the highest levels, no matter where it comes from. There are no borders.

"The Best of Polish Jazz 2005" (CD 0088) is a recently received 2-CD sampler which features 18 different jazz groups, playing with such imagination and taste as to provoke an immediate response that 'all's well with Polish jazz.'

After listening to the riches here contained, we can report that from the sombre folk tune, "Opus Absolutum", as played by American alto veteran Charlie Mariano, to the open and deliberate free playing of "Fair Play" by bassist Marcin Oles and drummer Bartlomiej Brat Oles with guest artist David Murray on tenor, we've already enjoyed two broadly divergent styles of jazz; and from the Michal Tokaj Trio's big city composition, "Skyline", to Pink Freud 's deft use of electronics and sampling in their reinterpretation of trance music in "Jazz Is Cool", we've experienced an even more varied stylistic soundscape.

Polish jazz is all modern styles. It's that good.

Throughout this CD sampler, we can hear things such as the musicians' fondness for modal vamps in a number of tunes, and we can appreciate a free jazz playing that is based on clear motifs — but no matter which modern style is played, a sleek technical finesse distinguishes the emotionality of these most accomplished players.

My knowledge of Polish players has been limited to trumpeter Tomasz Stanko (considered by many as the greatest of their jazz musicians), and Michal Urbaniak and Adam Makowicz who have all played and recorded in the United States and therefore benefited from the exposure. So, to the many musicians on these two CDs, I can only say that they definitely deserve to be heard by more listeners in the world.

With the issue of "The Best of Polish Jazz 2005" (CD 0088), a major step has been taken to get quality jazz to the ears of jazz listeners. The CD is available from Chazz Records, P.O. Box 40154, Long Beach CA90804, U.S.A.

The website, www.Polishjazz.com, introduces you to The Polish Jazz Society formed in 2000 and offers the CDs for sale of even more players. The website, www.mediavisioncorp.com, represents the supporters of this CD issue.

Report by David Fujino — davidfujino@thelivemusicreport.com

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