Mad Violet | Worry The Jury
Violet Sun Records/Maple Music

At the folk end of the pop scale comes this debut album by an attractive chick duo who’ve gathered big-time support. They’ve opened for Jimmy Rankin and the Indigo Girls. The album was recorded in England by no less a personage than John Reynolds who produced the work of Sinead O’Connor and the Indigo Girls. Their sound is a mix of Brenley MacEachern’s solid guitar rocking out rhythm and melody in front, backed by Lisa MacIsaac’s traditional fiddle and a seven-piece band plus skillful digital programming. What holds it all together is the lovely floaty vocal harmony they give their tunes that are about the emotions of relationships. An ambitious project that’s gathering a lot of attention. Naturally, The Live Music Report is quite biased toward their very appealing live act which stood out at the recent Gordon Lightfoot Tribute in Toronto. Catch them live when you can.

Stanley Fefferman for The Live Music Report

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