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Zoë Guigueno

1. The Gryphon Trio @ Isabel Bader Theatre, Toronto (Jun. 9)
with James Campbell performing Messaien's Quartet for the End of Time
This was the most inspiring and moving performance I have seen in the past few years. I'm not a classical musician but this performance convinced me to become one.
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2. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings @ The Guvernment, Toronto (Oct. 24)
High energy dance party! Sharon Jones works a crowd like no one else I have ever seen. Dap Kings are one of the tighest bands I've ever seen.

3. Busman's Holiday @ Tranzac, Toronto (Oct. 1)
Two brothers from Bloomington, Indiana, perform a mix of folky originals and covers on guitar and a suitcase and high hat. They belt out witty lyrics and joke around on stage. Best  experienced as an acoustic living room show.

4. David Simard and Fish and Bird – house concert (Sep. 20)
Dave Simard, now based in Montreal, mandolin and a Jeff Buckley-ish voice, sings beautiful original songs with his bare feet tapping on the wood floor. Fish and Bird are two friends from BC's west coast who sing and play, between them, guitar, violin, mandolin and banjo. Folky goodness.

5. Wilco and Neil Young @ ACC, Toronto (Dec. 4)
Even way up on the 3rd floor, this show was very satisfying. Neil Young still rocks out like a young punk.


Oh Darling
A Nice EP. Three lead singers, two trumpets, violin, guitar, upright bass, piano, drums, percussion, glockenspiel. Melting goodness. See www.myspace.com/theodarling

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