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Afro P.
2008 Top Concerts

1. Orchestra Baobab @ Harbourtront, Toronto (Jul. 3)
The show was amazing. It’s inspiring to see the older generation rock a crowd.
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2. Estelle @ The Mod Club, Toronto (Apr. 18)
The U.K. touches down in Toronto for the first time. Great show with Kardinal Official guest appearance.

3. Changuito @ Lula Lounge, Toronto (Nov. 1)
Great seeing masters at work and Changuito is the Sifu.
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4. Sheila E. @ The Conga Room, Los Angeles U.S.A. (Dec. 26)
The show was sick and Sheila has not aged a bit. Still showing why she is so highly regarded for percussion — I love L.A.
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5. Erika Badu @ Massey Hall, Toronto (May 5)
She came off the stage and into the crowd to get people on their feet (Massey has to be more cool with people dancing in the aisles).

6. Brownman & Cruzao @ Trane Studio, Toronto (Oct. 26)
The Trane is a cozy place to watch a show and Brownman brought the heat.
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7. Ivana Santilli @ The Mod Club, Toronto (Aug. 26)
Beautiful. Talented. A Fashionista — and her band was sick.

8. Lenny Kravits @ ACC, Toronto (Mar. 20)
Needed to see this dude in concert. Was not disappointed after a long wait and concert reschedule. The ACC was a bit big. Would have liked a smaller venue.

9. Lee Scratch Perry @ Harbourtront, Toronto (Jun. 30)
The vibe was real cool and seeing a legend is priceless.

10. Los Lobos @ Massey Hall, Toronto (Sep. 19)
Legends at work (again Massey has to be more cool with people dancing in the aisles)
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