December 2008

Sheila Escovedo
December 26, 2008 The Conga Room Los Angeles, USA
Report by Afro P.
At the Conga Room on a cool December evening in Los Angeles Kiss n Grind set it off. The pinnacle of the party was a special performance by Sheila Escovedo aka Sheila E. Cool rhythms were provided by resident DJs Rashida, Garth Trinidad and Vikter Duplaixy, they kept spirits high and people dancing

Sheila E. hit the stage at about 2:00 a.m. and set the place ablaze with her hits, like “The Glamour Life” and “A Love Bizarre” from her second album Romance 1600. Backed by DJs Rashida and Garth Trinidad, Escovedo took us back to when new wave was the in and neon was making a surge. Mixed with the new and old school beats from the Dj crew, Escovedo then jumped on the timbale and congas to remind us of her percussion prowess. Playing along, the DJs spun hits from Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, Prince, Gloria Estefan, afro beat rhythms and other popular songs from the 80’s/ 90’s era. The reason she has played with the likes of Prince, Herby Hancock and Marvin Gaye was very evident.

The party went well into the night as mojitos where in constant circulation. Once Sheila E was finished her solo set on the percussion, a laid back Philip Bailey, lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire, stepped on stage and took his turn on percussion. Jumping back and forth between timbale and conga, Bailey kept the party charged well past the time we left.
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Afro P.
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