October 2008

Brownman & Cruzao
October 26, 2008 Trane Studio Toronto
Brownman Kills at the Trane
by Afro P.
On a very cool night back in September 2008 The Trane Studio heated up with the sounds of Brownman & Cruzao: Brownman (trumpet), Paco Luviano (bass), Max Senitt (drums). Entering into the Trane we were greeted with warm welcomes while patrons eagerly awaited Brownman and crew.

Brown hit the stage with an awesome tune with sweeping horn melody while Senitt got people moving with jazz/Latin drum rhythm. Once Luviano hit us with the bass rhythm we all knew we were in for a good ride. I found the rhythms infectious as many did, evidenced by the packed house. Most of the time it was standing room only.

Brownman and crew hit with stirring jazz renditions of well-known standards and originals. The trio blazed our ears with a searing rendition of Steve Wonder’s “Superstition”. This was one to remember as Brownman brought out a young bassist by the name of Miller who played off Luviano’s driving bass rhythm. The dual basses combo brought that Steve Wonder tune to new levels. During the set Brownman hit us off with some percussion on the timbale showing his range of talent. His percussion added a Latin vibe that could not be duplicated. Brownman’s style and panache are a testimony to his versatility in musical styles ranging from be-bop to acid-jazz to hip-hop to Brazilian samba to Cuban salsa. His sound has been called Freddie Hubbard meets Randy Brecker and Clifford Brown with hints of Woody Shaw and he is staking a claim in the urban music scene in Toronto and across the country. Be sure to look for a Brownman show listing. You will not be disappointed.
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Afro P.
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