November 2007

Sisters of Sheynville | Sheynville Express CD Launch
November 1, 2007 The Gladstone Hotel Toronto
Sisters of Sheynville Work the Crowd
by Tova G. Kardonne with photo by Roger Humbert
The Gladstone was packed with fans of Yiddishkeit on Thursday, November 1 at the Sisters of Sheynville CD launch concert.

Featuring the triple vocal harmonies of Lenka Lichtenberg, Isabel Fryszberg and Fern Lindzon (also playing piano), this swing-klez nostalgia band played their own arrangements of such favourites as "Grine Kuzine" and "Sheyne Vi Levone", mixed up with swing-era stylings and tunes like "Frim Fram Sauce". Kinneret Sagee on clarinet, Rachel Melas on bass, Lorie Wolf on drums and Jane Fair on saxophone rounded out the ensemble.

To judge from the enthusiastic applause, Yiddish phrases flung by excited audience members, and first-name catcalls of encouragement to the band, the crowd was thrilled with what it heard. From the adorable kiddies managing the door, to back-and-forth of cheesy jokes between band members and audience members alike, the feeling in the room was a warm, family chumminess.

Burbles of delight spilled out along with the smokers onto the sidewalk at intermission. Having been encouraged by Lenka to each buy four CDs, the people shmoozed and clucked and discussed sending copies to relatives and friends. The evening was a solidly successful community gathering.

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Tova G. Kardonne
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