May 2007

May 14, 2007 The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto
BabyOil Sizzles
Report and photo by Laila Boulos
BabyOil has been in existence for about a year and has released one album entitled The Invisible House. They are currently planning the release of another. Barrie "Bear" Farrell and George Burns Harrison previously worked together in the '80s band, Australia. Composed of a blend of veterans and newcomers, their current band, BabyOil, creatively juxtaposes new and old influences producing an extremely diverse musical dance card. Songwriting duties are performed by several of the band members and as you listen, this becomes evident in the vast scope of their musical repertoire.

For their performance at the Horseshoe, the band played a short set of about nine songs in which they strategically showcased their wide range. Although the set was composed primarily of rock tunes, it included a few rockabilly songs and some ballads as well.

Dan Felushko, the charismatic lead singer was like a '68 Mustang motoring out each song demanding the audience's attention and commanding the stage with his presence and Joe Cocker-esque voice.

As previously mentioned, although BabyOil's repertoire is mostly rock-based, there were a few unexpected highlights during the evening. Some of the unexpected detours included a veritable scorching of the stage with their rockabilly set, opening with the amazing "Flag", and ending with the vibrant "Enough". The best description for this set: (was like) watching the Stray Cats in heat as an unhinged energy took over oozing with creative guitar riffs and an intensely energetic drumming prowess.
Flowing with lush harmonies, "The Dock" showcased yet another side of this versatile band. The juxtaposition of this song after the wild ride of the rockabilly set underscored the risk-taking range of this band.

Yet another high point in the set was their performance of the ballad-with-a-twist, "I Wish". A very original piece, "I Wish" began as a ballad and rolled over into a stunning piece of psychedelia, then flowed into some tossed in bold creative breaks ending unexpectedly and powerfully.

BabyOil incorporates influences from space rock, blues-rock, rockabilly, punk and psychedelia into their repertoire. As previously mentioned, 'rock' seems to be the operative word and they do this exceptionally well both musically and physically during their performance.

BabyOil is an interesting band that appears to be straight out of the '70s, but just as you think you have figured them out, they knock your sneakers off with their unexpected musical twists and turns. Definitely not your average rock group, it will be interesting to watch as they continue to develop their creativity and range.

BabyOil is
Alex Akimov – lead guitar and vocals
George Crecoukias – bass and vocals
Barrie "Bear" Farrell – guitar and vocals
Dan Felushko – vocals
George Burns Harrison – drum kit and vocals
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Laila Boulos
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