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During the course of 2006 I attended in excess of 100 concerts. Choosing my favourite ten was a daunting task. I couldn't quite make it, so here are the twelve 2006 concerts that most stand out in my mind. These are in chronological order:

Danny Brooks and The Rockin' Revelators @ Hugh's Room (January 13)
Born to perform and born again. Whether playing a coffee house in a duet with Dennis Pinhorn on the bass or, as on this night, sharing the stage with eleven other musicians, Danny always gives his whole. They shook the house to its foundations and rocked our souls.
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The Rempis Percussion Quartet @ Arraymusic Studios (April 7)
A small space. Dave Rempis standing in front of me blowing his horn. No amplification. A real treat.
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Bio Ritmo Salsa Machine @ Lula Lounge (April 14)
A quote from our report says it all: “What Toronto saw and heard was one living, breathing musical organism, a machine with body, soul, and mind, a bio-ritmo salsa machine.”
Catch them when they come back to Toronto, you won’t regret it.
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Molly Johnson & Quartet @ The Toronto Jazz Festival (June 23)
Let’s backtrack to an earlier day when the the term Diva was not merely used as a synonym for 'female singer'. Now let me just say this: Molly Johnson has complete control over the expressiveness of a unique voice. When on stage she fills space with the power of her presence and does this while simply being herself. On this day in June, a Diva performed for us.
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Marcus Miller @ The Toronto Jazz Festival (June 24)
A whole lot of funky fun. Miller loves performing to an audience and my camera loved him.
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Pharoah Sanders Quartet with special guest Kenny Garrett @ The Toronto Jazz Festival (July 1)
The concert lasted about an hour and half. Three intense pieces of music. Calling for an encore somehow didn’t feel appropriate.
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Bryan Vargas y ¡Ya Está! @ Lula Lounge (September 14 & 15)
From New York to play Toronto for two nights. I covered the first night for The LMR and decided to go back the next night to have fun. What more can I say?
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Joe McPhee @ The Music Gallery (September 21)
On this night, Joe McPhee created music like no other. It changed me.
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Gordon Sheard – Crucible CD release party @ Lula Lounge (October 12)
Gordon is one of Toronto’s premier pianists. On this night we (the musicians on and off the stage, the audience) all helped him celebrate the release of his first CD as a leader. And how! A night to remember.
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Arthur Brown @ Lula Lounge (October 16)
A living legend came to play in Toronto… and most of Toronto stayed home!?! Those of us present were treated to one of the most astounding performances I have ever witnessed. What powers this man has!
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Hilario Duran Trio @ Trane Studio (November 23)
Three world-class jazz musicians playing in a cozy club… to an audience of seven. And we wonder why jazz clubs close their doors.
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Donné Roberts @ Trane Studio (December 2)
I was one of The LMR reporters covering Donné’s CD release party at Harbourfront in February — a memorable concert. Ten short months later and this local band has grown into one of the tightest rhythmic units anywhere.
(since we didn't report on this concert, the link below is to the February concert at Harbourfront)
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