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Anna Lisa Eyles
I have only been with The LMR for a short time so, perhaps, rather than top ten, I could give my top one, commensurate with my time on board.

This is easy, as it is in my top 5 of all time list.

Sofia Gubaidulina, A Portrait @ Glenn Gould Studio (Nov. 27)
New Music Concerts honoured Gubaidulina by extolling the uniqueness of her works, their depths and complexity, both through program selection and what I believe to be the a best possible performance. The concert also featured the world premiere of Canadian/British composer Abigail Richardson's first concerto Upstream, the superb vocals of mezzo soprano Patricia Green, and not to flout the fluting of Robert Aitken but one must give him full credit for conducting the exemplary performance of Gubaidulina's works. From violist Steven Dann, harpist Erica Goodman to Russian bayanist Friederich Lips, the evening's performance was a triumph and must be included not just in my 2006 list of top concerts, but in my list of all time.
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Anna Lisa Eyles
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