May 2006

Ravi Coltrane / Luis Perdomo
Presented by Art of Jazz
May 21, 2006Young Centre for the Performing ArtsToronto
Less Frenzy, and More Attention to the Bull's Eye
by David Fujino with photo by Roger Humbert
If you closed your eyes, you could hear the sounds of John Coltrane in the altissimo cries, the bottom notes, and the sweeping phrases.

But this was not mere mimicry.

It was Ravi Coltrane playing on tenor, working from his father's stylistic legacy (as so many tenor players are) in order to speak personally.

Ravi spoke beautifully for himself this afternoon, conversing with his duet partner, Luis Perdomo, who contributed his considerable imaginative keyboard sounds to this concert.

Luis Perdomo & Ravi Coltrane

The first tune, Ornette Coleman's "Blues Connotation", is a favourite of mine, and I liked their easy-going yet respectful approach toward the piece.

"Well, You Needn't", a medium tempo Monk tune, received an easy-on-the-dissonant notes reading, combined with a careful approach towards Monk's harmonies.

Their tempos ran from slow to medium tempo, and in general there was a beguiling transparency and directness to this thoughtful music.

Also: their playing aimed at reaching reflective and spiritual states of mind through what was referred to as, a 'mish mash' of a set.

In a sudden personal moment, Ravi had referred to their dueting as a 'mish-mash' from the modern jazz repertoire.

He was so casual, that Ravi.

Well, let me tell you one thing.

'Mish mash' in this case is a good thing.

P.S. There was an elbow crash on the keyboard, then music manuscript paper rustled inside the strings, as Perdomo played the keys, then he leaned over into the piano and started to softly hammer with bare hands the strings inside the piano, and Ravi was right there, scintillating and pulling sorrow on soprano on the last tune, this was how they 'took it on out'.

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David Fujino
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Roger Humbert
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