September 2005

September 29, 2005Hugh's RoomToronto
In Her Own Rite
by Stanley Fefferman
Jorane is an enchantress. Possessed of marmoreal beauty, and commanding that most commanding of instruments, a cello, which she seems to ride, Jorane throws a glamour over her audience, holding them spellbound.

Her songs are dramatic and stirring. They pulse and throb arco and pizzicato under her hand in the rhythms of blood and passion. Heavy, repetitive chords conjure the primal stomping beat of a tribal rite. Jorane’s voice, rich and wild is full of mischief as she sings both high and low in a language of her own invention. The flow of her body, the sweep of her arms and the play of her fingers are one with Jorane’s rite of seduction.

Jorane’s third album, The You and the Now, is her English-language début. She has the makings of a major star.

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