October 2005

Erin Crosby
October 12, 2005Hugh's RoomToronto
Noticing Erin Crosby
by Stanley Fefferman
Erin Crosby, singer/songwriter, who released her first CD—Notice Me— at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, has a lot of backing for a newcomer. Two guitars, a fiddler, a bass, a drummer, Kim Sneath—a backup singer, and her co-writer/producer Doug Romanow on keyboard, accordion and melodica. Oh, and a top-flight publicist. So this shy girl from P.E.I had a lot of people willing to help her get noticed. That’s impressive.

Erin Crosby
Good thing she has a flexible, expressive voice. Erin co-writes songs in the folk/roots vein that tell stories about people back home or characters who are invented. She’s easy to listen to though she couldn’t always be heard over the band and the drummer. Her backup singer and the violin in particular give Erin’s performance professional and emotional depth. Once she gets over a certain shyness-cum-brashness, she will probably develop a wider range of facial expression than a bright smile, a sly grin, and a toss of the head.

Her title song is built around a good idea—‘Notice me noticing you’. “True North”, the best song of hers that I’ve heard, is about an old fisherman dealing with the loss of his wife. “Let me be your memory” is from personal experience and evokes another aspect of the pathos of aging. And there’s the great tune title, “Not another Lonely Heart’s Song”, which shows Erin’s wry side.

Erin Crosby has people who believe in her, she has awareness of life around her, and she can sing beautifully about her experience. With such noticeable resources, she should go far.

Douglas Romanow
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