October 2005

Dulce Pontes
Presented by Gary Topp
October 27, 2005Roy Thomson HallToronto
Pontes Performance is Poetry
by Stanley Fefferman
Her voice is a declaration of independence.

She is free of inhibition and self-importance
Like a lioness lazing in the sun

Her body abandoned
To the dance singing in her blood
A song of tenderness without regret.

The spectrum of sensuality
Is what she projects
Like sunrise and sunset
Melting into the sky

She has the audacity to be
The instrument the passions play

With bells on her ankles
She is wild as a changeling child

A law unto itself
Her voice is
A cry in the night
Of infant or “woman
Wailing for her demon lover.”

Dulce Pontes
Sweet bridge
To freedom

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Stanley Fefferman
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