May 2005

Jerry Granelli Septet Sandhills Reunion
May 18, 2005 • Gladstone Hotel • Toronto
Report by David Fujino with photos by Roger Humbert

Jerry Granelli


Mythic America, projected onto a cinemascope movie screen, with shaped sandhills, city vistas and wide open spaces.

We're listening to drummer Jerry Granelli's free-flowing sonic project, Sandhills Reunion. What a pleasure to hear such polish and sophistication. And just as I thought, if Granelli's behind it, we'd be guided through an evening of evocative and mood-shifting music.

Narrator Paul Kennedy stepped forward and spoke the text by Rinde Eckert and said, "Even dead, I'll look 21 and pretty as hell — people will remember that." (These were the actual words of Billy the Kid, a gunslinging 'famous' American featured in this audio movie.)

But this audio movie's really a western road movie, so it travels from the sandhills of Nebraska to Manhattan where we learn that many of Manhattan's skyscrapers were built by First Nations 'swingmen', men able to walk the steel girders of these sky-high buildings.

Sometimes a man would fall: "carelessly, noiselessly, to death", and at this point in time we realize, "There are no tribes, philosophies, high above this river of glass."

Sandhills Reunion is mythic America. It is not the America of today.

And further, in the mind of this reporter, Sandhills Reunion projects an America without George Bush, pure and simple.

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy — voice
Francois Houle — clarinet
Jeff Reilly — bass clarinet
David Mott — baritone sax

Christoph Both — cello
Christian Kogel — electric & acoustic guitars
J. Anthony Granelli — bass,lap steel guitar
Jerry Granelli — drums,samples guitar
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David Fujino
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Roger Humbert
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