June 2005

Tim Posgate Horn Band with Howard Johnson
June 30, 2005Star StageToronto
Report by David Fujino with Photo by Barry Thomson
It was all about tender feelings, those quirky things in life, and the daily drama of make-believe.

Tim Posgate
Welcome to the world of Tim Posgate.

On Thursday, his three-piece orchestra with guest Howard Johnson absolutely delighted us at noon hour from the main stage.

Blues and rock are basic to Posgate's tunes, but instead of pained outcries and stories about broken hearts, we hear a nimble tuba outlining a scenario about fleeting and quietly weird moments in life ("On the Merry-Go-Round") as a note-note-note pattern is played by Lina Allemano on trumpet and Quinsin Nachoff interjects tenor saxophone multiphonic growls.

Posgate's compositions are efficient miniatures. The band's instrumentation is electric guitar, tenor sax/clarinet/flute, and trumpet, so you've got more than the basics for creating melody - harmony - and rhythm.

The Tim Posgate Horn Band can sound suprisingly big, then can turn quiet and intimate like chamber music.

The band also likes to pretend it's a Big Band, with its 'brass explosions', the plunger mumbled trumpet solos, and its get down turbulent cries from Quinson's tenor sax on "Muddy". It's hilarious. In a quiet way.

And when the band grooved on "50% Pure Wool", we momentarily drifted off and saw crowds of indistinct faces and dimly lit streets in old city neighbourhoods.

In Tim Posgate's anger-free world, life is good — it all depends on how you look at it.

Lina Allemano — trumpet
Howard Johnson — tuba/baritone sax/pennywhistle
Quinsin Nachoff — tenor sax/clarinet/flute
Tim Posgate — guitar/banjo
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David Fujino
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