June 2005

Arturo Sandoval
June 25, 2005Star StageToronto
A Hot Night in a Hot Town
by Joyce Corbett with Photo by Roger Humbert

Arturo. A one man musical phenomenon. His band? All Miami-based Cubans: Javier Conception on piano, Tomas Cruz on congas and percussion, drummer Alexis Arce and saxophonist and EWI (electric wind instrument) player Ed Calle. Arturo: Trumpet, piano, keyboard, timbales, jaw harp, scatting that turns into a vocalized bass solo and the occasional strategically placed hit of a stick on the bongos as he passes by them on the stage.

Arturo Sandoval
Like Louis Armstrong or Dizzy Gillespie this man pushes the ceiling. I have never heard anyone blow such a high note. Nor have I ever heard a trumpet played so low. This band puts out Megawatts of energy in bebop, Latin and Afro-Cuban style. So solid.

Like the kind of thunderstorm that comes on such hot, muggy days he roared through the evening and was gone.

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Joyce Corbett
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Roger Humbert
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