April 2005

CubaDisco / SalsaTour
April 8, 2005Lula LoungeToronto

The Cubadisco Salsatour is billed as the ultimate Cuban Salsa experience, “a 9 day voyage to experience some of the greatest salsa bands in the world”. These bands include such giants as Adalberto Alvarez, Pupy Pedroso y Los Que Son Son, Los Van Van, La Charanga Habanera and more. The Cubadisco Salsatour kickoff party hosted by DJ Billy Bryans at Lula Lounge was organized to publicize the tour and whet our appetites. There will be three more Salsatour nights at Lula, ending with a sendoff party.

So what is Cubadisco? Should you invest in some white bellbottoms and big 70’s shades? Why not? But, it’s not about disco. Cubadisco is Cuba’s annual music industry fair. There is an International Symposium on "The Music Industry in the XXI Century" that will take place from May 24th to 27th convening musicologists, researchers, journalists, writers, musicians, critics, students and other specialists interested in deepening their knowledge of the subject. It is a week of conferences, record company deals, etc. And it is a week full of music. Not just Salsa, but son, jazz and rumba. The best bands are in town and music is all around.

Alex Michael
We are treated to a little preview of the Cuban Cabaret show coming up on April 24th at Lula. And then, Café Cubano, one of Lula’s regular Salsa bands, takes the stage. Talk about a band that knows how to get a party going! There are ten of them: two trumpets, two keyboards, one electric bass, one singer, one drummer, one conga player and two percussionists on bongos, Cuban cowbell and guiro. They put out one intense, dense, rythmically layered sound and they thoroughly engage their audience, lots of eye contact, smiles and communication. The warmth and openness they exude on stage is shown to be genuine as they dance, mingle and chat with the audience at intermission. There is nothing like dancing to (and with) a live salsa band.
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Report by Joyce Corbett
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Photographs by Roger Humbert

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