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Canadian visual and sound artists Dominique Skoltz and Herman Kolgen are responsible for one of the utterly most welcome re-mix projects I've heard in a while. Based on Kenneth Kirschner's November 11, 2003, (which happens to be the source material for the excellent Kirschner and Taylor Deupree's post_piano 2 from last year), the duo take source material and make it their very own. When I say their very own, I mean just that. This isn't a simple carbon copy of original material with a few trinkets thrown in for nice effect. Nothing is done ‘for good effect’. In fact, all sounds resemble something that is solid, and more importantly, listenable.

Affected by the terrorist bombings in London in July of last year, Skoltz and Kolgen presented the 12K team twenty separate variations based on Kirschner's piece. Taylor Deupree decided to release the entire collected variations as a whole. These variations tend to be mesmerizing in their stillness and wonderfully ethereal. What sounds like an old organ is probably a processed and re-fried sound. What could be a keyboard is most likely a rehashed laptop program that allows the listener to be fooled into believing something else altogether. The blips and beeps and the falling stars and interrupted audio themes get better and better as the record progresses. Subtle bass variations pop into ear's reach from time to time as do some wonderfully obtuse percussive sounds that disappear all too soon. Whatever it is these two did to create the end material, it's pure magic. Already one of my favourite nerve soothing releases of this year, Postpiano 07.05 is a masterful feat, going to the outer edges of silence; proving that stillness can have a sense and purpose in life. Limited to 500 copies. Get yours now, before regret sets in.

Tom Sekowski – December 2006

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Tom Sekowski
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