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The World Disappears, is Larra Skye’s first record, as first efforts go this one has a lot to offer. Larra Skye has composed or co-composed with Adrian Farrugia, Gerard P. Finn Jr., Eric Boucher and Mladen Solaja, eleven songs that are enchanting. These are well-written songs, with solid original lyrics, which pour out a range of emotion, as only a youthful, spirited, female vocalist could manage. Ms. Skye has a pleasing voice; a style that utilizes plenty of vibrato and sustain. Her singing is reminiscent of the pop legend Helen Reddy.

Larra Skye has assembled a group of first-rate musicians; Adrian Farrugia on piano for most tracks is a tremendous delight, leading the rhythm section of Jim Vivian on acoustic bass and Kevin Brow on drums, and tastefully complementing Ms. Skye’s vocals. The trumpet and flugelhorn playing of Kevin Turcotte is a highlight on songs like, “Whisper a Secret,” “Turn Up the Stars” and “Down on Your Luck” as well as other tunes. The tenor saxophone playing of Bob Brough is excellent on songs like, “The Only One I’ll Miss,” “Make Believe” and “Pretty Little Baby.” The music and the songs are pretty, easy-listening and provide a little something for everyone.

report by Paul J. Youngman – KJA Jazz Advocate – December 2006

The musicians
Larra Skye – vocals
Adrean Farrugia, Eric Boucher – piano
Jim Vivian – bass
Kevin Brow – drums
Bob Brough – tenor saxophone
Kevin Turcotte – trumpet, flugelhorn
Geoff Young, Matt Stevens – guitar
The tracks
Whisper a Secret, 2. Turn Up the Stars, 3. The Only One I’ll Miss, 4. Down on Your Luck,
5. Open Up Your Eyes, 6. Make Believe, 7. Everything, 8. Love Is, 9. Pretty Little Baby,
10. Always Rolling Seven, 11. The World Disappears
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Paul J. Youngman
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