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Patrick Boyle’s debut album Hold Out is a good first effort. A Canadian east coast trumpet player, songwriter and arranger. Boyle has developed an interesting sound, a trad jazz trumpet player who mixes in some traditional east coast melody. The rhythms of jigs and reels come through in some of his writing and playing. The compositions are primarily originals and the feeling is laid back and melodic.

The CD has two cover tunes, "Nutty" from Thelonious Monk, and "Always On My Mind" by Thompson, James and Christopher. Very different songs, the band is obviously at ease working in the bop idiom. Monk’s tune is one of the highlights of the recording. “Always On My Mind” features vocalist Jenny Gear. She has a bluesy feel, a catchy voice and a great feel for the song. The arrangement could have a little more interaction between vocal and trumpet. The band does not seem to come to grips with the feel of the tune.

The songs “Lines”, “Hold Out”, and “She Could Be Right” are all in a similar groove. Vibraphonist Bill Brennan opens the tune “Lines” with an abstract, circular, modulating tone that Boyle plays against for a verse or two. Maintaining the circular pattern, drummer Curtis Andrews lays down some funky cymbal bell work. The final verse has the band cooking as a unit, lots of energy.

“Fresh Duds” is a blues tune. Strong trumpet playing from Boyle on this number. The Hammond organ played by Brian Way lays down a bass tone and adds funky, sustained fills. Duane Andrews takes two verses on guitar, performing some tasteful licks, single note runs that are very fluid.

The overall quality of the recording is good but the mix is not full enough. The instruments are not blending as nicely as they could. The lack of a strong bass bottom end may contribute to the lack of a full sound. There are long pauses between songs that take away from the flow. As stated previously, a good first effort from a skilled trumpeter with fresh innovative ideas. The CD Hold Out is well worth a listen.

report by Paul J. Youngman – KJA Jazz Advocate – Dec. '07

The musicians
Patrick Boyle – trumpet, flugelhorn
Curtis Andrews – drums, udu, mbira, gungaroos, moth cocoons
Brian Way – Hammond organ
Duane Andrews – electric guitar
Bill Brennan – vibraphone
Jenny Gear – vocals
The tracks
Mr. Jim's Reels 2. Big R 3. Always On My Mind 4. Nutty 5. Lines
6. Hold Out 7. She Could Be Right 8. Fresh Duds 9. 1 of 2 Things
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