Jim McGrath | Cinématique
Notes on Cinématique
by David Fujino October 2006

These concert compositions by Jim McGrath are very filmic and mood-setting.

Track One
In "Flute Concerto", yearning autumnal themes prepare us for soloist Leslie Newman's assertive flute entries.

Track two
"Suite for Strings", as performed by the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, takes us on a gently changing inner trip through woods and night-lit cities and highways.

Track Three
"Silent Town" is a Manhattan nightscape, with Larry Larson's clarion trumpet calling out in modern urban space. (Compare Aaron Copland's "Silent City").

Track Four
"Suite for Clarinet and String Orchestra" showcases Joaquin Valdepenas' assured clarinet playing — and encloses it with the mellowing influence of Duke Ellington in the "II Pastorale" and "III Andante Misterioso" sections.

Cinématique creates a picture, using Jim McGrath's musical influences like Prokofiev, Ravel, Copland, Bartok, and Ellington. Pretty good influences.

Listening to these well recorded and well performed compositions was soothing and entertaining.

There's nothing wrong with that.

The Montreal Chamber Orchestra
Wanda Kaluzny – Conductor
Leslie Newman – flute
Larry Larson – trumpet
Joaquin Valdepenas – clarinet
with Studio String Ensemble
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David Fujino
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