Hilario Duran Trio | New Danzon
Alma Records9 Tracks45 minutes
Hilario Duran's Afro-Cuban jazz piano rythmns sound like melodies. His percussive approach to melody often sounds like rythmn section work. With the seamless support of Roberto Occhipinti's bass and Horacio Hernandez on drums, the trio creates a very pronounced, satisfying rythmn-melody matrix.

This is the platform on which they build works collectively known as "The New Danzon": a fusion of Charlie Parker's be-bop, 19th Century European Contredanse (which sounds a bit like ragtime), Contemporary Music, Danzon, or early Cuban dance music, classic Cuban and Modern Jazz.

Here is a rich mixture, strongly accented by the bass, lightly brushed by the drums, lavishly embroidered by Duran's trilling right hand. Solid, experimental and technically superb performances give this album the surge of a 'young' creative venture.

by Stanley Fefferman
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