June 2008

Ivana Santilli
at the TD Canada Trust Toronto Jazz Festival
June 20, 2008 Revival Toronto
Bringing the Funk
report and photo by Afro P.
Revival was the location where sultry grooves in the ears of excited Torontonians in attendance. The event was Ivana Santilli mashing up the place as part of this year’s TD Canada Trust Toronto Jazz Festival. The night started out with K-Sun hitting the stage delivering some hiphop/blues fusion. K-Sun was very tight and is very comfortable on stage. Dude did his show playing acoustic guitar and no band. K-Sun brought a very organic composition which was an excellent lead-up to Santilli, seeing that Santilli spills out a funk sound that is very organic in its delivery.
Santilli hit the stage with some funk that brought me back to that 80’s funk sound in the vein of Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, and others. During the show, Santilli thanked a close friend who sent her a CD of old school funk and R&B tracks. This influence is clear in TO.NY her third solo album. Like the funk of old, Santilli exudes a sexy sultry energy that comes through the music. This energy captivated the crowd and had them eager for what would come next. What came next was Santilli paying homage to her production team for allowing her to grow and develop more musicality. Gracious and humble, Santilli gives credit were credit is due. This realness is what endears her to Toronto and the world. Noting her roots, Santilli had her father and sister join her on stage to perform an impromptu funky rendition of an Italian folk song, showing where she gets all the talent she displays. This was a definite crowd pleaser and you could imagine what jam sessions they would have had back in the day.
Ivana Santilli
Santilli's no stranger to having major appeal starting with funk-pop outfit Bass is Base, In 1999 Santilli struck out solo with her first album, Brown. Brown sold in excess of 40,000 units, leaving a solid mark on the indie music scene. She has worked with many a great producer, creating awesome grooves for us to digest. TO.NY is set to expand on what we know of Santilli.
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