August 2008

Alex Goodman Quartet
August 29, 2008Dominion on QueenToronto
Continuing Jazz Self-Education
by David Fujino
Right at the midpoint of a Peterborough, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal tour, the Alex Goodman Quartet landed in Toronto and came out ready to play at Dominion on Queen.

Whether soloing on guitar and piano, or introducing his bandmates — Nick Morgan alto saxophone, Dan Fortin acoustic bass, and Max Roach, drums — the young and talented Goodman was consistently enthusiastic, creative, and professional.

Many themes were played by piano and alto in the form of unisons, and in compositions like "Unfinished Business" by Goodman and "The City" by altoist Nick Morgan, it was a modern jazz aesthetic that throughly informed these sober melodies and idea-filled solos.

But it was alto player Nick Morgan who injected an alternative tart sound and angular tones into a set of compositions that were — through repetitive bass figures and the linked guitar solos of Goodman — often focused on reaching a state of climax and ecstasy.

In "Song Without Words", Goodman's classical influence was there in the easy interplay between himself and altoist Morgan playing the melody, while in a fourth tune, the urgent influences of jazz, blues, and rock, poured out of Goodman's piano.

Here, and throughout the evening, the swift melodic lines of bassist Dan Fortin, along with Max Roach's evenly accented yet reactive style of drumming, steadily propelled and commented on the music.

Goodman told me he's been composing a lot of music recently, but he stressed that the artistic side of his playing has gotten a good workout, too.

Alex Goodman
And in addition, he's now learning, on-the-job, how to self-finance this quartet's tour.

It was a pleasure to hear where Alex Goodman is now.

Alex Goodman Quartet
Alex Goodman — guitar and piano
Nick Morgan — alto saxophone
Dan Fortin — acoustic bass
Max Roach — drums

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