January 2006

Jake Langley
January 17, 2006Glenn Gould Studio Toronto
Everything is Jake
by Stanley Fefferman

Stellar guitarist Jake Langley was invited by CBC Radio to choose a dream quartet to play his dream set list for a prestigious live for broadcast concert.The bass player Jake chose is George Koller, who makes huge music, whale sounds, like a cetacean sometimes cruising smoothly, sometimes flipping out on ecstasy, as on the opening number, Grant Green’s “Minor League.” Terry Clarke on the drum kit filled the spaces with the pop and sparkle of crisp champagne.

Jake’s best idea was to duo up on guitar with Rob Piltch, reminding us that the guitar is a quiet voiced, intimate instrument. The two voices, Jake’s fluent ripple and Rob’s measured tones, sang together, climbing the scales in counterpoint passages or in alternating solo comp mode. The evening’s highlight was an unplugged medley in the second set of compositions by Rob himself, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and the guitarist’s guitarist Ralph Towner.

Jim Hall, one of Jake’s teachers received his due homage in a couple of numbers including “Two’s Blues” and “All Across the City”. We also heard early master Wes Montgomery’s “Jingles” which showcased Jake’s virtuosity in peeling off long 16th note riffs, to balance the delicious slow, reflective, almost classical passages that opened many of the tunes on the list.

Jake Langley (2004)
Jake Langley spends 200 days a year on the road with organist Joey DeFrancesco and drummer Byron Landham. You can hear Jake and Joey with Terry Clarke on Jake Alma Records CD Diggin’ In. Another Alma CD soon, yes!
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