January 2006

Bombay Black | by Anosh Irani
Directed by Brian Quirt | presented by Cahoots Theatre Projects
January 8 – 22, 2006The Theatre CentreToronto
Revenge: Isn’t it Romantic
by David Fujino
This is how the play starts.

One day a blind man named Kamal arrives at a Bombay seaside flat and — perplexingly — asks to watch Apsara perform an erotic dance.

"No touching is allowed", says Apsara's iron-willed mother, Padma, as she collects money from the blind Kamal. "This is not a brothel."

"Bombay Black" is partly a tale of revenge — all three characters reveal they're planning to get back at someone — but this play is also a seamless blend of magic realism, bitter humour, myth, and in-your-face sexual imagery, with all of this supported by a romantic vision that carries through to the very last line of the play.

Adeena Aziz is harsh and imperious as the mother, Padma. Sanjay Talwar is a human and intelligent Kamal, and Anita Majumdar creates a brave and sensitive Apsara.

Rebecca Picherak's deftly placed lighting, the moody sound designs of Suba Sankaran — she uses 'feedback' effectively at key dramatic points — and set designer Camellia Koo's half-circle stage, stand out as true creative partners in this production's coherence.

At the start of the play, there is a circular lotus emblem painted on the floor. By the end of the play, this same emblem is a vivid visual metaphor of a lotus flower (Kamal) that lives by floating in water (Apsara, "water that moves.")
The players
Deena Aziz: Padma
Anita Majumdar: Apsara
Sanjay Talwar: Kamal
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David Fujino
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