February 2006

Chris Potter Quartet
Presented by Toronto Downtown Jazz & GMP Productions
February 15, 2006RevivalToronto
Groove, Throb & Quiver — Have Fun!
by David Fujino
Saxophonist Chris Potter got a body groove going, and the audience loved it.

Tunes like "Pop Tune #1 in E-Flat Major" — a title that Potter came up with on the spot — evoked the full-throated sound of Pharoah Sanders and resonated with affirming gospel/spiritual tones.

Drummer Smith was the articulate R&B rhythmic heart in all the tunes, while Taborn's role was to draw out more abstract sounds — for some listeners a little too abstract — from his Fender Rhodes. I felt that Taborn's 'spacy' sounds contributed an enjoyable and necessary creative tension to the music. Meanwhile, electric bassist Tim Lafey was always there — whether soloing or dialoguing, he laid down a solid foundation for the music.

On the tune, "Boots" — with its perky riff that melted into the background, or returned to the foreground (think of the tune, "In A Silent Way") — the band throbbed so much, my pant legs sympathetically started quivering!

Chris Potter
The almost overwhelming message from Chris Potter and Taborn-Lefey-Smith was to have Fun — creative fun! on this most enjoyable and musically intelligent evening.
The Band
Chris Potter | Tenor saxophone
Craig Taborn | Fender Rhodes
Tim Lafey | Electric bass
Nate Smith | Drums


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David Fujino
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