August 2006

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August 27, 2006The Horseshoe TavernToronto
Edan, a ton o’ fun
by Sean Seaman
An artsy, afro-wearing beat junkie stepped on stage electrifying the crowd with his off-the-wall performance, switching from vocals, to turntablism, to strumming a guitar and blowing a kazoo to a Beatle’s classic.

It has been two years since Edan Portnoy last came to Toronto. This time it was to promote his 2005 album Beauty and the Beat, known for its psychedelic beats and slick sample cuts.

The extraordinary performance took place at the Horseshoe Tavern, where Edan was introduced emphatically to a close and intimate crowd late Sunday night, on August 27th.

The back-and-forth routine from one rhymer brought back the happy-go-lucky appeal of classic hip-hop. Enticing the crowd with metaphorical stabs and tongue twisters, Edan as rhyming vocalist, spun the audience into a tornado of sensible diction and vocabulary.

The crowd relayed the energy back to the performer as he jumped from one style to another, taking on different roles on stage. In one instant, he was the MC (aka vocal lyricist), churning words into a rhythmic recipe of dialect that kept the crowd cheering for more. He then became the DJ, which is a pioneering role of the musical genre.

Edan’s down to earth personality came across as he jumped into the crowd and started shooting off rhymes in his mic. While he was on stage, he and accompanying MC Dagha created a great combination.

Music from Edan is an escape into a new reality. This new reality is beyond the pop of the industry, the dilution and the mass-produced formula that many acknowledge today as the musical genre of rap.

For this performance and for bringing the essence of hip-hop back to the basics, I say thank you Edan, for an enjoyable night.
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Sean Seaman
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