March 2005

Dave Young Quintet
March 1 & 2, 2005 Montréal Bistro Toronto

The buzz was on.

Bassist Dave Young was leading an all-star jazz quintet, with Gary Williamson on piano, Michel Lambert on drums, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, and Perry White on tenor sax. Who wouldn’t want to hear them at the Montreal Bistro? And they were playing the music of bassist Charles Mingus! And it was a CD release party.

The quintet played tunes from the CD, Mostly Mingus, and when they played the ballad, “Self-Portrait in Three Colors”, tenor player Perry White delivered a solo with great rhythmic variety, and pianist Gary Williamson emerged shining.

The quintet captured the moan in Mingus’ music. And they dialogued with each other (“Better Git It In Your Soul”), and in their solos they often dialogued with themselves when playing the blues. These are real compositions, with sections and mood changes, and it was deeply satisfying to hear the quintet express a range of emotions, from melancholy and hope, to the percolating, complex emotions underneath big city life (“Nostalgia In Times Square”).

Dave Young announced that the group would be touring in the London area. This’ll be good for the group’s amiable looseness (opinion), a looseness which will become more unanimous, as they play together more.

It must be said. Kevin Turcotte continues to be a vital trumpet soloist, with melodicism, speed changes, and now growling notes in the lower register, as part of his rich expression.

Perry White is an interior player, in the way Lester Young is an interior player, who’s usually soft and flowing about things, but can turn turbulent and swirling.

Michel Lambert and his approach to drums is multi-directional, has many colours, and is riding on the beat.

Gary Williamson keeps a low profile, but he’s all music, and while he doesn’t reach out and grab you, he has a lot to say to those who listen.

And bassist and leader, cheerful Dave Young, plays the bass as a bass violin. Beauty of tone, smooth motion, and singing.

Oh! Of course get the CD, Mainly Mingus. Of course, check them out if they come to your city.

They’re fine players, playing fine music.

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Report by David Fujino
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Photograph by Roger Humbert

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