July 2005

Jason Wilson and Tabarruk
July 1, 2005BenQ StageToronto
Report by Joyce Corbett with photo by Roger Humbert
Playing a unique jazz-influenced reggae with some ska flavouring, Jason Wilson and Tabarruk are an interesting group of musicians. On this beautiful, sunny Canada Day holiday, they open their show patriotically with a standard verse of “The Maple Leaf Forever”, and continue with a reggae/ska instrumental.

J. R. Satchithananthan
Trumpeter Nick Ali joins them for the rest of the show. The first original they play showcases Nick and reminds me of Horace Silver’s “Song for My Father”. This is followed by a mix of original tunes and Bob Marley standards: a blues, “I Don’t Want to Wait in Vain for Your Love”, “Out of Town” (featuring a great jazz guitar solo), “Here I am Baby” (nice harmony work with trombone and trumpet) and “Same Old Song”. By the time they finish off their set with Peter Tosh’s classic “Get Up Stand Up”, everyone is feeling good.
Trombone: J. R. Satchithananthan
Guitar: Don Scott
Bass: Michael Herring
Drums: Clarke Wilson
Piano and vocals: Jason Wilson
and guest:
Nick "Brownman" Ali on Trumpet
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Joyce Corbett
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Roger Humbert
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