July 2005

by Gillian Stevens-Guille and Russell Bennett
directed by Russell Bennett
July 6 – July 17, 2005Robert Gill Theatre / The FringeToronto
by David Fujino
Gillian Stevens-Guille climbs out of a large trunk seated at centre stage.

It seems she got dumped by a man, and as her whole life fell apart, she moved herself into a community of self-storage units so she could get her life in order. As Normal (Gillian Stevens-Guille) proceeds to unpack her life story before us, the metaphors keep unfolding.

"Self-Storage" is a well-written, essentially gentle play, with a mild feminist subtext and some wry views on self-help books thrown in for good measure.

Gillian Stevens-Guille made us laugh and made us pause, as we appreciated her solid and nuanced acting.

However, the ending seems a little flip and clichéd, but by then we've enjoyed Self-Storage, and we gave Gillian Stevens-Guille two resounding Fringe ovations.
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David Fujino
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