July 2005

July 6 – July 17, 2005Tranzac Club / The FringeToronto
by David Fujino

On a torrid Toronto evening, enjoy something light and funny at the air-conditioned Tranzac Club.

Treat yourself to SARSical — a satirical musical (believe it or not!) about SARS, the viral outbreak of 2003 that put Toronto on the world map.

Scene: A doctor and nurse combat the deadly virus. Meanwhile two lusty young teenagers are kept apart by a mass quarantine. The eminent theatrical producer David Mirvish struggles to draw paranoid audiences into his theatre. And Toronto's Mayor Lastman helplessly watches as local businesses, commercial theatre, and the entire Toronto tourism industry is brought to its knees.

Wit, streams of double-entendres, and occasional spurts of sophomoric humour abound in SARSical — this 'newsie'-style recounting of those grim and very strange days.

Mayor Lastman declares that he won't bring in the army this time to fight the SARS epidemic: "it wasn't even snowing" .... Lastman, as eccentrically played by Paul Bates, is caricatured and skewered like 'nobody' throughout this Toronto-centric musical. Doug Morency's playing of David Mirvish is both hilarious and ridiculous, and Ayumi Iizuka sparkles as the girlfriend of Warren Peace (!) played by Cyrus Lane.

At the final group chorus, the cast is on bent knees and outstretched arms, and the lights flicker to a 'brown out' on stage.

Get it?

Maggie Malone — Naomi Snieckus
Nurse Swanson — Eliza-Jane Scott
Warren Peace — Cyrus Lane
Dr. Peplinski — Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Dr. Matheson — Doug Morency
Sarah Chui — Ayumi Iizuka
Mayor Mel Lastman — Paul Bates
David Mirvish — Doug Morency
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David Fujino
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