July 2005

Written by Caroline Azar
July 6 – July 17, 2005Artword Theatre / The FringeToronto
by David Fujino

We're all just animals, right? Right.

But when a lovesick female gorilla escapes from the Scarborough Zoo, and she falls head-over-heels in love with Piper's boyfriend, Sterling — and he likes it — this is just the beginning of trouble in human land.

With the gorillas dressed in cool black clothes like early Madonna, and Beachboy, the cat, enunciating like a gaunt Basil Rathbone, Caroline Azar's play reaches a truly crazy level.

As Beachboy, and as Marsha Marshason the feisty newscaster, Glen Sheppard proves to be a versatile and true comic find, and Suzanne Bennett is excellent and altogether convincing as the confused gorilla in love.

A curious blend of relationship drama, comedy, physical theatre and musical theatre, Man-O-Rexic speaks to the animal in you and you and you.

Piper — Ella Chan
Beachboy, a cat — Glen Sheppard
Sterling — Marc Ouimet
Ursula, a gorilla — Suzanne Bennett
Dick, a silverback gorilla — Josh Holliday
Gwen, a gorilla — Dana Vranic
The Zoo Guide / Marsha Marshason — Glen Sheppard
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David Fujino
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