January 2005

Cape Feff
January 19, 2005 The Black Swan Toronto
How many Jazz, Folk and Blues tunes ride on the rhythm of a train? That rhythm is actually two rhythms in one: there’s the overall sound of ‘the rumble and the roar’, and there’s the ‘thump and bump’ of the wheels passing over the rail-joints. The combination of guitar and bass together can lay down that effect behind songs of footloose troubadours, like the new duo of Eric Fefferman and Trevor Cape who call themselves Cape Feff.

Cape has history with the band Solstice, and Feff is the co-founder and lead guitar of the best Grateful Dead cover band in the land, Caution Jam. Last night’s set-list was a mellow mix of Beatles, Blues, and Bluegrass, including their signature—the lovely and eternally youthful “Two of Us Going Nowhere;” Dylan’s haunting “Man of Peace”, with good mouth-harp work by Cape; a couple of Jerry Garcia tunes—“The Loser,” and the magnificent “Ripple.” Add Willie Dixon’s “Wang-Dang-Doodle”, and “Norwegian Wood”, and you have the first set. Feff slipped into that final tune with a subtle, improvised introduction that seemed to come out of nowhere and sort of grew, delightfully into a smooth version of the Lennon/McCartney melody.

The vocal harmonies of Cape Feff, the synergy of their instruments, and the excellent taste and versatility of their book, make it look like we have a new dynamic duo in our town. Come out for them, wherever they are.

Trevor Cape

Eric Fefferman
Report and Photographs by Stanley Fefferman
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