December 2005

Daniela Nardi
December 30, 2005 The Red Guitar Toronto
Something like Ceramic
by Stanley Fefferman with photo by Greg King
Daniela Nardi sang the old year away at the Red Guitar in Toronto’s Markham Village.
Ms. Nardi is an olive skinned beauty with raven hair, a Giacometti figure, and an enigmatic Sandra Bullock ‘just messing with you’ charm. The resonance of her voice eludes the usual similes like silver and gold and brass and wind. A word that points to her smooth, flowing precision might be something like ‘ceramic’. Ms. Nardi has a great ear. She performed much of her first set of vocals in a Billie Holiday style, bending and flattening notes with unusual grace to settle the native highs and lows of melodies within her range.

Daniela Nardi is a composer who usually leads her own band—The DNA Trio—from the keyboard. The DNA sidemen are bassist Stephen Bright and drummer Larry Crowe. This night, Daniela was the singer working with bassist Kieran Overs, and pianist Ron Davis with whose trio she recently toured Japan and Indonesia as guest vocalist. The set list was a cobbled together collaboration, mainly of marvelous standards (“The Nearness of You”, “Willow Weep for Me”, “Stormy Weather”, “Body and Soul”,” God Bless the Child”).

Davis and Overs got some waked-up real-meaning-of-jazz improvisations going around Daniela’s vocal choruses. But she punched up the sparkle and shine of the performance doing one of her own tunes, “Hands”, a hit from The DNA’s first album–One True Thing (Minerva Music). She also got vivid singing in Italian Paulo Conte’s “Via con me”.

“God bless the child that’s got her own, that’s got her own.” Happy New Year, everyone.

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Stanley Fefferman
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