May/June 2004

Honk Yer Sax — and Be Counted
May 30, 2004 Canada Square Toronto
On Sunday May 30th, in downtown Toronto, 930 men, women and children brought their saxophones to Dundas Square and played the "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song.

This event, organized by Richard Underhill and the Shuffle Demons, set a new Guiness World Record for the most saxes to play a tune together for at least five minutes.

Under the guidance of a hockey-stick wielding conductor, the sound of hundreds of altos, sopranos, tenors and baritones filled the air. It was pure joy. Notable in the cheering section were: Jazz FM's Jaymz Bee and NDP candidate Olivia Chow.

To wrap up, the Shuffle Demons, recently reunited for a 20th anniversary tour, took to the stage and played a few classic Demon tunes: "Cheese on Bread", "Out of my House, Roach" (foot-stomping and all) and of course, the stellar "Spadina Bus."

Report and photographs by Roger Humbert
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